ALSA UI 2014, My Most Memorable Debate Competition Yet

picture from @ecomp on twitter

At Thursday, April 24th, the 18th ALSA UI E-comp 2014 began with a tagline “Engage with The World, Push Beyond Your Boundaries”. There were various english based competition held there, like spelling bee, speech, story telling, E-MUN, and many more, but of course what me and my friends joined was debate competition. We sent two teams, the first one IPB A with Adhi, Rio, and Prio, and IPB B with Hasrul, Olive, and Tigin, me and Denny became the N1 adjusicator this time. This competition was also the very first time I became an N1 adjudicator, but that wasn’t the main reason why this competition was so special for me.

“When you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail”, without a good preparation, we can’t expect good result will come out afterwards, most of us know this but unfortunately still prepare less than we have to. It’s embarassing to say, but that’d be the case with ALSA UI delegates at the beginning of our preparation. At the first two weeks, some of the delegates were going abroad to join WMUN in Brussels and GMUN in Geneva, that left me, Olive, Tigin, Hasrul, Prio, and Adhi to train by ourselves. Even with that already small number we rarely got all of us trained together, our training was hardly effective back then. I also remember that I didn’t really care about researching prepared motion since I thought N1 didn’t need them too much. Yeah, what a spoiled brat I am.

That changed when the MUN delegates, Rio, Denny, snd the others were back and we finished our mid term exams. The hellish training regime coordinated by Mr. Yos Rizal, our IDC president, and Mr. Esa Putra, our supreme commander started. The ones who haven’t finished their task to research were punished to run 30 laps, and that included me. At 9 p.m we ran until I have a hard time walking and I had only run for 5 laps! That was even just the beginning, the next day, we debated for at least 3 times a day, starting from 6 p.m to 11 p.m or as late as 2.a.m. For the adjudicators, we will have to write down our verbal adjudication in detail and that will be submitted in the next training tomorrow morning. That doesn’t include some supplementary homework given by our president and our supreme commander. There will be severe consequences if we failed to finish our assignment as well, usually given while being accompanied by Mr. Esa evil laugh. Honestly, in all of my short 18 years living, it was the first time I worked that hard.

That intensive training regime of course took a toll in ourselves, we debated until we loathed debating. The proccess wasn’t pretty, we were frustated, tired, angry, and usually disappointed in ourselves. We finished our training late and I couldn’t sleep, so I usually use that time to finish my adjudicating assignment. I got a lack of sleep on those days, I believe the others felt that too, if not worse. I was lucky I didn’t have many class assignment, but my friends in different major didn’t get that luxury. I can only imagine how hard it is to follow the training while having duty to submit reports or essays and stuffs like that.

Underneath that hard work filled with sweats, blood and tears, finally we are able to bear fruit from that. One day when we trained until real late, somehow Olive cried while giving her speech, and what’s even shocking was that her speech was so good! Just like a protagonist in anime having a sudden power up, she wowed us all and got the first win for IPB B against IPB A. She said that she cried due to the heavy sleepiness she felt that time, but nah, I didn’t buy that alibi. After that the other got an improvement as well, like Hasrul finally got the right position as the second speaker in IPB B, Tigin made tangible improvement in giving complete rebuttals, Adhi learnt how to be not over-sophisticated, Rio linked back his arguments more and more often, and Prio got to make his own case. Somehow I also got praised at the near end of our training for finally be able to give verbal calmly, that was so meaningful since Mr.Esa was the one saying it. Just like what Olive said, there’s something really special and uplifting when he is the one giving praise, perhaps because he usually said harsh words and never sugar-coating things, so when he praises, he praises honestly. Lol, this started to sound like a stockholm syndrome we are experiencing.

When the day of competition finally arrived, I was really nervous. The day when we found out if our training for this competition would go waste or not finally had come. Me and Denny got a good marks at initial accreditation, allowing us to be panel adjudicators from the first round, that was really amazing! Fellow debaters in IDC complimented us that day, and I also remember how tired I was for adjudicating 3 rounds that day.

my artistic pose when sleeping on train, tired as hell on the first day

There’s no time to relax when we are in the middle of this competition, adjudicators were given the responsibility to adjudicate 3-4 rounds a day, and each time I grew frustated for not being able to deliver my best verbal adjudication. Me and Denny wanted to be promoted as a chair adjudicator since we believed that would ensure our path as breaking adjudicators even when the thought of being chair honestly scared me. The debaters also worked hard, digging constructive from as many adjudicators as possible. It was really tense for IPB A since till the 4th round they only collected 2 vps, while IPB B had collected 3 vps. To ensure they made it to octo final they at least need 3 vps, and even 3 vps don’t ensure the breaking. There’s no such thing as relaxing until we finally hear the announcement.

The anticipated breaking announcement finally come. Our supreme commander came this time to accompany us. Until the end, me and Denny were unable to be chair. IPB B need 1 more vp to ensure their place in octo final, IPB A also need last vp or their chance to break will be long gone. None of us was safe.

The first announcement was for breaking adjudicators. Judging from how weird the debates I adjudicated on last rounds, I was more or less losing hope on this. But my name was called as the last breaking adjudicator! Damn, that made me so happy but it was so dramatic I hate it. Unfortunately Denny was unable to break, but I believe that still doesn’t change the fact that we are the most succesful newbie n1 adjudicator pair in IDC *smug face*.

When it was time for varsity breaking announcement, I remember how it was nerve racking for me as well. It was even more strainful when they have past the teams with 4 vps and no IPB team was called. Finally team IPB A was called as 14th breaking team! They swept all matches in the last day! Afterwards IPB B was called also as 16th breaking team. It was really such a nerve racking and great moment.

the breaking debaters with their LOs
the breaking debaters with their LOs

Whenever I think back of that moment, I can’t help but feel really thankful. I believe we got to that place not only because of our own power but also from the hard work of our seniors and fellow debaters who support us. Mr. Yos, our dear president, always accompanied us in training without complain, Mr. Esa, our supreme commander, pushed us into our limit and helped us grow. There are also Deanty, Tantan, Pristi, Acha and others who have given us valuable feedback in training. We might be the delegates for ALSA UI 2014 but our result was a work of whole IDC.

Next time, let's make it further into quarter final, and even grab the champion throne!
Next time, let’s make it further than this, slay those giants and even grab the champion throne!

In the end we are unable to set a new record by advancing to quarter final. But we got our target done after working our hardest here, personally I was satisfied with this result. But I knew I still could get better than this and I believe the others feel the same as well. This was the result after we worked seriously for two weeks, what if we actually used a month to train? Will we get a better result? Well perhaps it’s something we’d know in the next competiton, but two things for sure, this hard training works and next delegates from IDC will feel even a harder training than this.



3 thoughts on “ALSA UI 2014, My Most Memorable Debate Competition Yet

  1. Hello Charlie! Ibu Alfa shared the link to your blog write-up, saying that IDC is growing stronger.

    I read the article in one go, really curious to know what will happen next in each paragraph. Such good attention to details and intriguing storyline. Thank you for taking the time to sit down and write your heart out! I enjoyed reading it.

    Manu congratulations to the many victories! Not only at the competition, but also during the rehearsal (victory against yourself). Not only at the competition, but also after the competition, these days when you are all back in IPB — well congrats is you all manage to rehearse/prepare regularly to echo what you said “what if we practice more than 2 weeks?”

    I am very proud, if I may, and I wish you all good health and good heart as you continue your exciting journey with IDC.

    Salam semangat,
    Steisi Mileiva.

    1. Thanks a lot for reading my blog and also for the touching message, Kak! To be praised like this by one of the founders of IDC truly made us happy and motivated! We are going to face another competitions in some weeks or so, and of course we are going to work even harder in those competitions so please wish us luck so we can get better and better results than this!

  2. […] The preparation and the competition as a whole was very much time and energy consuming, not to mention the mental burden and some problems. I learned to accept it and just do my best, the whole delegation and seniors are very helpful albeit demanding. I can’t complaint though, we do have responsibilities to use the chances given to us fully, sadly we didn’t back then. I’m really glad it’s over. A fellow delegate has posted  the full story on his site, check it out here. […]

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