For Being a Better Debater

Lately I find myself not improving much in terms of my skill as a debater. Recently I have been accompanying my friends in IPB Debating Community (IDC) who will be delegates in upcoming competition, UADC and NUDC. My help is needed as adjudicator, and also as addition to complete a full parliamentary debate, whether it’s British or Asian. This means sometimes I have got some chance to debate and sadly, lots of them were far from satisfying. My speech is not consistent, sometimes I do it right, sometimes I do it horribly wrong. I thought after I got some experience as adjudicator, my skill for debating will somehow get enhanced as well, I was so naive.

So I have decided to do some programs in order to increase my debating skill. Esa told me to do my speech like how I give verbal adjudication, I think I’m going to try that out next time, perhaps it will make my speech more consistent and make me able to use my adjudicating experience in my speech. I will also try to record my speech regularly so I can evaluate it later. It was actually a method suggested by Gideon, another senior of mine, which I haven’t tried until now.

As a debater, there’s so much that I want to do, many competition I want to take part in and many glory I want to snatch. You know, yesterday Esa told me that I might be an N1 delegate again for the next JOVED in June , I don’t know what to feel when I heard that. I was happy that my adjudication skill is being acknowledged but my real passion is debating. Of course I would accept if they appoint me as N1 again and will work my hardest like usual, hell, they might not send me at all in JOVED and I’d still train everyday with them, but deep down, I know what I really want is debating. My chance to be a debater is not zero though, there will be an internal competition for JOVED, this time IDC will send an all-stars team, and a novice team, I’m not a novice debater anymore so in order to get a spot I need to compete with more experienced debater in IDC. At this point, my skill is not on the same level with other advanced level debaters in IDC, and I need to catch up with them. I’m going to do my very best in the internal competition and accept the result with no regrets.

Wish me luck 🙂


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