A Ticket to Fulfill My Dream

As far as I remember, I have been in love with Japan. It was started when I was a child, that time I really like watching Pokemon, Digimon, and stuffs like that on TV. Growing up, I started to learn more about Japan and its culture, its foods, dorama, music, pop culture, history, and somehow I found myself falling in love with Japan. This love eventually turned into a desire to go there, to feel by myself what’s it like to be in Japan. I was so close into fulfilling my dream to go to Japan when I was in high school, I was offered a chance to a student exchange program back then and I remember my heart was racing uncontrollably when I heard that news. Too bad things didn’t go as expected, the program was for high schoolers only and I will be graduated when the program commenced, so I can’t join the program. What’s worse was the fact that I was an acceleration class student that time so I graduated one year faster than the others. If I actually enrolled into a normal class, perhaps I’d have gone to Japan and made my dream come true.

Few days ago, I think I have just seen a way for me to fulfill my dream. Mam Alfa, our beloved IDC advisor, posted a link in IDC line group that told me  there’s a contest with a ticket to go to Japan as one of their prizes, It was an International Essay Contest for Young People held by Goi Peace Foundation and UNESCO. I was really ecstatic when I see that and immedietely decided to surely join this contest. The essay contest have an interesting theme, “My Role as a Citizen of Earth”. The theme itself has a vast potential and will require a deep contemplation to really answer the question “How do you wish to fulfill your role as a citizen of Earth?”. The deadline is June 15th, and seeing how I’ll be really busy until that day, I think I need to start working on this as soon as possible. I have got some idea in mind, hopefully it can be transformed into a good essay.

The banner of the essay contest I will take part in

Now that I think about it, I think my chance to win is low, the ticket to Japan is only available for one person and there will be many contestants from all over the world there. I also can’t say I’m good at making essay to begin with but still, that doesn’t mean I won’t try my best shot in this contest! If I’m really not talented, than that means I just need to think longer and work harder to make up for what’s lacking in me.Well, now that writing this has made me getting pumped up, let’s start working on this essay!


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