Sites I Recently Liked, Internal Competition Today, and Some Random Stuffs

Today was a really tiring day, I just had an internal competition in IDC to decide the delegates for JOVED 2014 and I slept less than enough this morning. Honestly what my body really want to do right now is sleeping as soon as possible, yet here I am, writing another post for my blog since I have a feeling I won’t be able to sleep peacefully before posting another post here. Now the problem is I don’t have a suitable topic to write about, like something short to write so I can finish it soon. I do have topics to write, they are right in front of me in the forms of sticky notes, waiting to be proccessed into a post in my blog, but they all look like something that needs a lot of thinking and at least will reach 600 words or more. So in the end, I thought whatever, I’ll just write whatever in my head right now, which I actually has done since the beginning of this post.

It’s kind of funny, just today I read a post of a user in reddit who suggest a blogger to not care about traffic or SEO and start writing whatever the writer wants. The most interesting is that he said his blog reaches some traffic boom when the blog has 800+ posts. Damn, that was a huge number, 800, is that mean I need to write 788 posts to reach a traffic I could be proud about? But then again, I don’t think I really want to have something like that. Sure, good blogs will attract ads which will give me some bucks, that’s of course a good thing and I won’t reject something like that, but seeing how I write blogs with non-existent seriousness I don’t think wanting that is even a logical thing. Hoping something without giving a fair amount of effort is stupid for me, so I avoid wishing something I’m not even working on.

Speaking about reddit, I actually joined that site only two days ago, when I knew my ministry of communication and information blocked that site together with vimeo from Indonesia’s internet access (yeah, I know, where have I been, right?). I read many angry tweets regarding this and became curious, what kind of sites are they? So I used proxy and accessed both sites, needless to say, I was amazed with both. Reddit is one great site with great features, the amount of knowledges and informations they got are so huge, and I’m sure I’ll benefit much from hanging around that site more often. I also had a good time in vimeo, they have many videos with great quality I really enjoyed watching. Kinda ironic that the fact they are blocked is what attracted me to check these sites, so for this one, I think I need to thank my good-for-nothing minister of communication and information, Tiffatul Sembiring. I still hope he’s out as soon as possible though.

Now what should I continue to write? Oh yeah, today I also found so many good videos of competitive debate from Monash Debate Association. Our president of IDC,Yos, will be ecstatic when he see how much I downloaded for him to watch. He really likes watching debate videos you know, I ever gave him a video and he finished watching it tomorrow, while I haven’t even touched that yet. I heard that also what made him a good debater, it’s said he wasn’t a good speaker at the beginning, but after watching a bunch of debate videos, he became so great he wowed the adjudicators at our internal training. I have tried doing the same thing, but man, it’s hard to stay awake watching those videos. Well, the proccess of improving is usually not pretty, I need to stop being a lazy bitch and start working harder if I want to reach something as a debater, and as anything else actually.

Speaking of debating, today’s internal competition was a success to me. I got to be an unanimous vote for being a best speaker in my match. Yay me! I still need to work on in my consistency though, like what Esa said, It’ll be useless if I only do good on certain occasion only. There’s another internal competition for seniors next week, so I think I will test my skill out and join that also. I really hope I will be choosen to be sent to JOVED, getting in debate competition is really fun, the hard preparation, the debates with other university, the nerve-racking moments in adjudication announcements, they excite me a lot and I can’t get enough of them. I also can’t wait for a chance to fulfill my personal goal, slaying those giants and surprise everyone for the result we got. It was a big thing, but not impossible with a right amount of effort.

Fiuh, it was quite a long post. It was fun writing randomly like this without thinking seriously, kind of relaxing I’d say. I promised next posts won’t be like this, I have many idea to be worked on, and tomorrow I actually plan to start writing my personal guide of adjudication. I’m not a really good adjudicator and far from extraordinary, but I hope that guide will help some people and help me seeing the flaws on my method as well. Hope you’re gonna look forward to it!


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