Something Great Just Happened

It was another night of joint training between NUDC delegates and UADC delegates and as usual, I tagged along to adjudicate the debate. Part of it was because I was told that they need me for better training but to be honest, it was mostly because I want to do it (and like what I have said, I need to catch up with them). I remember that night my verbal adjudication was good, at least above my average, but that’s not what I mean with “something great”.

After the training was over, Kak Yos, our IDC president approached me and tell me that I’m going to substitute Kak Acha who wasn’t able to join NUDC Kopertis 3 2014 due to her seminar.

Holy shit.

That time I was really shocked, excited, anxious, many emotions blended into one and I don’t even know what to feel. Now that I think about it, I think what I feel the most is grateful. I’m grateful for working hard enough I was trusted to carry on this responsibility, and to be given a chance to snatch another glory in a competition. The biggest problem now is that NUDC uses British Parliamentary as it debating format and I have never been competing in BP, either as debater or adjudicator. I need to study a lot here if I want to make another good result there.

Another great thing is that I still can be chosen as JOVED delegate. Yeah since I’m such a greedy bastard, I actually asked kak Yos whether or not I can join JOVED in this condition, and the answer is yes!  This means if I DO selected as JOVED delegate (I hope so), I will experience joining two competitions consecutively. Man, it could be my most exciting thing in my debating career yet, will be great if that can happen.

Ah yeah, speaking of JOVED, actually some days ago Kak Esa told me that I’d be in charge of JOVED training IF I’m selected as delegate. It was quite an uncommon and perplexing request, somehow that looks like holding an implication that I have a good possibility to be selected, but he also emphasized  that it’s not like that. Well, I guess to avoid having a fake hope or something I just have to ensure I gave good performance in the last session of IDC internal competition for JOVED next Saturday. It wasn’t mandatory for me to join that since I have done it last week, but who would miss a chance for a better assessment in internal competition? Definitely not me. I actually also have made the outline for JOVED training though. It was more or less as hard as our ALSA UI training but with some personal twist from me, fu fu fu.

Well, it has been an interesting week and hopefully more good news are going to come at this weekend. Anyway, my post about guide to adjudication is in process and I was brainstorming ideas for my post about Indonesia’s livestock condition and Be sure to check those out when they’re out!


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