I Made It!

Remember my post about me hoping to make it into NUDC and JOVED? About how I think it would be really great to take part in two competitions consecutively? Guess what, I freaking made it!! Just yesterday, when the delegates of JOVED are announced, my name is finally called as the N1 adjudicator for IPB C. It’s really great to be in a competition again, especially since we got to travel to Semarang for JOVED, so the level of anticipation for this competition is higher than in ALSA UI. There’s just this special excitement when we got to travel to a far place for a competition like this. We got to see new scenery, eat foods we rarely eat, well but of course, the most important here is to fulfill our target and bring something for IDC.

This year we are determined to make yet another history for IDC, IDC has never passed preliminary of JOVED before and we would change it! This time we send three teams, a maximum number for entry, for doing this, our president and other committees have worked hard for getting the money and all, so I don’t want to let them down. In this competition I got the responsibility as the one in charge for training, and I think the pressure is getting into me. I was really messed up when I socialized the training menu for other delegates, my patience ran up easily and I couldn’t concentrate. I think it’s because I’m not used to have responsibility this big on my shoulder, so yeah.. I need to fix this stressing feelings soon or else I’m gonna affect the others.

This week has been gone real great, but next weeks will be hard. I got to train to adjudicate british parliamentary and asian parliamentary, not to mention I will face finals week soon. It will be really tough getting through all of this, making sure I got time to learn everything I need, but like what people said, no pain no gain eh?


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