Something Brief about Things

Wow, look at it, it’s been almost one month I don’t post anything in this blog, while previously I posted like 5 times a week. For you all who might be wondering, no, I haven’t stopped blogging (which being proven by this point) nor stopped liking to blog anymore. I have actually been bugged with how I practically put my blog in comatose but really, these days I just don’t have time to allocate in blogging anymore. There’s many debate training to do, preparing for 2 competitions really made me busy, and there’s also exams to be done as well. This situation made me forced to put blogging in lower priorities than many things, like, if I don’t have training, then I’d use my time to study or sleep, the time I have when I don’t feel like studying and have no training would be used to read some british parliamentary debating material. So yeah, with so many important things to do, blogging was just not a strategic thing to do if I want to get my shit done.

Luckily, most of those busy time has ended. Now I’m at Semarang for JOVED 2014, I’m awoke in such ungodly hour of 4 and find myself unable to sleep. I don’t feel tired at all, which is a good thing, so I decided to post something in my blog while waiting for the time for breakfast to come. There are many great things happening in life lately, I just ended NUDC, done my exams, nailed it, and now participating in JOVED which has the most interesting stipulation for adjudicators.

Speaking about NUDC, I know that it’s getting old, but I belive this one has been my most memorable debate competition, yes, even overtaking ALSA UI 2014. I’d post long if I go into detail so to be short, the result has been far greater than I expected. IPB team got to advance to national rounds and I got to break first as N1 adjudicator in NUDC kopertis 3!! Woo hoo!! Beside getting to break first, there are many firsts I got to do there as well, I finally able to be a chair adjudicator and get to adjudicate at final rounds as well. Truth to be told though, there are many things to work on in my adjudicating skill and I intend to improve as much as possible before going to national rounds. But for now, I’m so happy for this result I got 🙂

And now, JOVED, I just done my initial test yesterday and today I’ll be allocated as chair, panel, or trainee. The most interesting thing in this competition is that all adjudicators, chair, panel or trainee will be rated by debaters according to their verbal adjudication, different with the usual stipulation where assessment of trainee and panel will be done by the chair. This stipulation makes rating adjudicators fairer but also puts more pressure than the previous stipulation. Luckily for IPB delegates, the adjudicator has used to deliver verbal on daily basis and most likely we will be able to put our best here.

I’d like to tell in detail about these competitions, perhaps later in the future, among other things I have promised to make (like that adjudicating guide, which was reminded by Mam Alfa, hehe). Today IPB Debating Community delegates will deliver their best performance, and I hope we will be able to make another history in IDC. Wish us luck


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