NUDC Kopertis 3 Regional Selection – Too Early To Feel Satisfied

Everyone who is pursuing something seriously, will naturally seek for acknowledgements, achievements, and advancement. As adjudicators we have a system of hierarchy measuring the level of adjudicator. Most N1 usually will start as trainee, where your opinion regarding the debate won’t be counted, then promoted as panel, whose opinion will be heard and considered to decide a debate, then finally, becoming a chair adjudicator, who will deliver the verbal to the debater and accommodating conferring in british parliamentary debate. Adjudicators seek to enhance adjudicating skill, in order to be acknowledged as worthy to adjudicate important debate like grand final or leading the adjudicators as chair. To make this even more competitive, adjudicator also has breaking system where only selected number of adjudicator is eligible to adjudicate elimination rounds. So, considering these, I think adjudicating is actually no less competitive than debating.

At NUDC Kopertis 3 Regional Selection, I got the luxury to not only be a chair adjudicator but also breaking first as N1 Adjudicator. If anyone told me I’d get this far in Kopertis 3 Selection, I think I’d just respond with a laugh and say I will do my best, because I thought it’s hardly realistic. But damn, it really happens, and to be honest it just sunk in me that yes, I actually got to have best performance as N1 adjudicator among others and my service was acknowledged to be good enough to adjudicate elimination round which also deciding which university able to pass the Selection and go to natioal round. As someone who has relatively little amount of experience as an adjudicator, this is really amazing.

But then again, sitting in a higher position than the position I used to be also made me realize how I still have lots to work on. I don’t think I did a good job in my first time being chair adjudicator, the conferring session was not smooth and not efficient. During elimination round, I also didn’t give any meaningful contribution during conferring, I was hesitant to give my opinion like something was holding me back. Perhaps I was shy or nervous but I regret not giving my best when it mattered a lot.

In the end, while breaking first is great and all, I know it’s still too early to feel satisfied. Next August, the national level of NUDC will be held, that will be the time for me to prove myself. The level of competition will be higher with adjudicators and debaters from all over Indonesia competing there, this is a far more serious business than kopertis 3 selection. It will not only be a chance to pursue achievments but also a great place to learn a alot and develop my skill. This time, I’ll make sure I deliver my best performance so I won’t leave regrets later like now.


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