JOVED 2014 – Well I Still Have Lots to Work On After All

Denny, Grace, and me, 3 N1 Adjudicators from IPB in JOVED 2014

JOVED 2014 turned out to be a really great competition. I’m not talking about how the lodging was really comfortable and the foods are delicious, well, those are true but the difference in the adjudicator feedback system was what made this competition really great. Different with the usual system where chair adjudicators give marks to trainee adjudicator and panel adjudicator and debaters give marks to chair adjudicator, this time every adjudicator will be marked by debaters according to their oral adjudication delivered to the debater. This system let all adjudicator to be marked in a fair, same situation to one and another. I think for those who is relatively newbie as adjudicator like me, there was no better condition to measure up your skill than this stipulation and I felt this stipulation was really challenging and exciting. Too bad in the end I can’t bring satisfying result from this competition.

After 6 rounds of adjudicating, I finally landed at 37th rank, it’s still in the breaking rank as adjudicator but like what I’ve said, not satisfying. From those 5 rounds I got to be chair once and trainee once, which is kind of my worst result in competition so far. I was really happy to be given a chance to be chair in round 4, but it’s really frustrating when it was decided that I wasn’t needed in last round since my score is not good enough to be panel or chair in bubble room. I found out later in JOVED tabulation that my accumulated score is pretty low and I barely pass C as my accreditation, the debaters found my oral to be low in quality (with a team even marked me as low as 3). I know it will sound like I’m such an ungrateful person since I still got to break and adjudicate some elimination round, but really, satisfied is the last thing I’d feel when I remember this competition.

Some people told me that this low marks was caused by the bias judgement from debaters, where they have tendency to give low marks to adjudicator. I don’t think that’s true, there are quite a lot adjudicator who able to get score as high as 10 or 9, even if there’s a kind of bias among debater, they gave me score after comparing it to those adjudicator with high score. Me getting such a low score means that I was pretty pale in comparison with those high-ranking adjudicators. The different judge is not an excuse for my low score, because it’s basically debaters who adjudicator should satisfy with his/her reasoning and decision of a debate. My position was raised in the same situation like what chair adjudicator always encounters and I did bad. That’s it.

Well, to think about it, I actually deserved this result after all. The efforts I put in this competition was not enough, especially if I compare this with the training I’ve done for ALSA preparation. It’s really frustrating when the thoughts about what you could and should do but didn’t haunted you in the end of the competition. Still,  I got a great deal of experience from JOVED 2014 which can be used to develop myself even more, the result might be disappointing for me but JOVED 2014 was still a great competition. This frustration I felt will be remembered in any competition I join in the future, so I won’t be lax like what I did here. In fact, I’ll make sure this frustration will be paid back in JOVED next year.


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