At 5th July, I have actually made a note about how last presidential debate between Prabowo-Hatta and Jokowi-JK went. I planned to post that in my blog and made some analysis out of it but damn, I was unable to finish it on time. My post lost its momentum when it’s passed election time already and even if I posted that there will be no use of it. Timing is really essential for anything, when you’re too late, it’s impossible to achieve your purpose.

Friendship, just like any other relationship, needs a proper timing too to be mended. You might have that friend which has been really close to you and has made many beautiful memories together in the past but now barely talk to you. It might be because of how both of you are being busy, it might be some past quarrel, or it’s just you are just lazy to catch up, almost all of us have passed that point with our middle school friends, high school friends, college friends, etc. Years might pass without you realizing it since the last time you talked with your good friend and before you know it, it has been too late to have your friendship back. Your friends might have changed their contact and become unreachable, they might be not interested in catching up anymore or worse, they might have forgotten you. It’s just kind of a what-if scenario, but the more you postpone your plan to catch up, the closer you are to be too late.


I did a bad job taking care of my friendships. I have lost contact with so many friends from many different phase of my life, technology nowadays allows us to communicate with each other easily but I didn’t do anything to catch up with them. Those friends aren’t just strangers who coincidentally be in a same class with me but friends who have made many great memories together with me and could make me laugh until my stomach hurts, they are a kind of people I genuinely like. I felt really awful if I think about it, it’s like I’m abandoning people who could brighten my life and should be valued more than this.

The problem with catching up or mending friendship is that it’s not an easy thing to do. Your attempt to catch up could be brushed aside due to your friends being busy or they haven’t forgotten the grudge against you, again timing is important here. When you met up, things most likely have changed, it takes time to warm up again and be as close as before. The process might frustrate you, but if you think your past with them is so precious then don’t give up. If my lousy job taking care friendships have any positive impact then it’d be how I realize how precious friendship is. Right now, I’ve got many friends which I believe have made genuine friendships with me, I’m grateful about it and I’m willing to keep them last. 🙂


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