Runaway Review : Trust Me It’s Bad

In order to pay for expense of living in Hong Kong and medication for her sick mother, Tala (Tatjana Saphira) and her uncle Tony (Edward Akbar) pickpocket on the streets of Hong Kong. Three of them are illegal immigrant from Indonesia who got stuck in Hong Kong without enough money to go back in Indonesia. One day she stole a purse from a rich kid who also come from Indonesia, Musa (Al Ghazali). This encounter turns out to not be the last as Musa able to find Tala later on. Finding interests in Tala, Musa decided to ask her to be his tour guide on going around Hong Kong, even going as far as paying her. Toni, who’s in tight situation because of his debt to gangster, saw this opportunity to get more money, but what did Tala think about Musa? What will become of this weird relationship?

Seeing that this movie was set in Hong Kong, I thought this movie was at least made seriously with that supposedly big budget for a movie from Indonesia. But honestly I didn’t expect this movie turned out to be so bad that it’s worse than my already low expectation. I don’t think I have something to praise to this movie other than the guts to try doing action/romance movie in Indonesia. Too bad what the production house claimed to be the first will be remembered by me as complete failure.

The most noticeable mistake from this movie is how they exploited the setting. I know shooting a movie in Hong Kong is a big deal and expensive, but clearly allocating minutes only to show the scenery of Hong Kong is way over the top. In the end I think this much duration for showing Hong Kong scenery doesn’t even serve the purpose to show the charm of Hong Kong itself. It looked artificial and way too much it’s suffocating. I believe it’s far better if they show the scenery and stuff like that naturally as the story advanced and developed. As far as I know, this is an action romance movie, not an advertising for Hong Kong tourism right? So why don’t you get on with the action and romance already?

Speaking about romance and action, both were suck here as well. The romance were so corny I grimaced every time a “romantic” dialog came out. The biggest problem with this romance department is that we didn’t get time to see the relationship developed. The director was so busy showing scenery of Hong Kong they forgot to show why those people fall in love at the very first place. The fact that they used too much lame cliche romance scenes worsen the movie even more. The romance were just a bit higher than Indonesians’ daily soap operas, which I think are shits.

About the action, I believe action movie lovers would agree if I said the action in Runaway was bad. They are also unlucky since the benchmark of our action movies were set pretty high with movies like Merantau, The Raid : Redemption, and The Raid 2. It was just unavoidable to compare those with Runaway and honestly this made the action in runaway looked worse. The transition from real actor to stunts was so clear and the choreography was also over the top. They try too hard to look acrobatic, doing what supposed to be kung fu or something but that doesn’t really work and looks not realistic. Another major problem here is that they didn’t invest much in the storyline as the background of the fight, which made the fight looks really weird. It’s like they do fighting scene just for the sake of showing fighting scene, which I think made the action lost its meaning.

In the end, I find this movie not suitable for anyone other than fans of Al Ghazali. The movie was clearly centered around him, so I think that will at least made his fangirls happy. That guy barely able to act, but I to be honest I think Al got what it takes to be a star. He has an aura of a star and already a sweetheart among teens and hey, he even got people to say a movie as bad as this good, so at least he deserved credits for that. As long as he’s able to develop himself, I believe he’d get big in the future. For all of you who’s not an Al’s fans or anyone starring in Runaway, stay away from this movie, there’re so much better way to waste money and time other than watching this movie, believe me.


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