Where Would You Be in Another World?

source : mobilemag.com

An interpretation of quantum physic said that every possible history and futures actually exist with every possibility representing one universe. This means if this theory is true then in another universe there’s ‘us’ who’s living a completely different life than ours. This interpretation is really popular especially in pop cultures like comics, songs, movies, and tv series due to its interesting premise. According to the theory, the universes are infinite which means there’s actually no limit on how many version of you in this whole universes. Have you ever thought about it? About what would you be in another world?

I have heard about this premise before and thought about this several times. It’s surreal right? One different choice in your life perhaps would change your life drastically. This made you ponder, what if life actually goes differently? What would you be at the moment? For me, these are the closest possibility of my life if things were slightly different in my life.

1. Majoring in arts

example of sketch I have done

For as long as I remember, I have been really into drawing. My notes at elementary school were usually thin because I liked to rip off the papers to draw. Even until now, I still do sketching for hobby regularly.Sketching calms my mind and makes me excited at the same time. It’s also really satisfying if I could make a good sketch which could wow other people. Nowadays I always go out with sketchbook on my bag in case I got bored or got nothing to do.

lots of my works are girls due to my hobby in japanese idols

If somewhere in the middle of my teenage years I decided to be serious on drawing, then I guess I would major in arts and pursue a job of illustrator by now. I always wondered what it feels like to learn a more advanced technique in drawing, designing, stuffs like that. I always think that it will be really fun, but in the end I didn’t take this major because agribusiness, the major I’m taking now is more feasible to get a job in my opinion. It will be another story if things slightly change in my life though.

2. Pursuing degree in Japanese Literature

So the idea is that I found anime and japanese idols earlier in life and got internet connection at my home. I think that would practically destroy my academic life and I wouldn’t be able to enroll to science class during high school. In the end with my poor grades and poor performance in university test. Japanese literature would be the degree I pursue after I graduated.
No offense to the people in Japanese literature. I don’t think lowly of this major but realistically speaking, it’s relatively easy to enter this major due to the low number of people interested here. As a supposed otaku in another world, I think this major would suit me and my parents would allow me to take this. In normal circumstance I don’t think my parents would allow me to apply this major. Literature is still foreign in my family and they would bicker for limited jobs I’d get after I graduated. But my academic skill will be limited and forcing my way to ‘hard’ major won’t be possible, meanwhile I have clear interest to Japanese culture so if me turn out to be a good for nothing otaku, this is where I think I’d most likely end up.

Well, too bad I turned out to be slightly-good-at-some-things-otaku.

3. Have a girlfriend

source : weknowmemes.com

Me at the moment is a guy who has been single for years and like to use self depreciating joke about my status. To be completely honest I’m happy with my current status and see relationship a bothersome thing to do. However there are also some instances where I imagine if I have a girlfriend, especially when I was so close on having one in the past.

You see, there was a time in my life where I liked a girl and the girl liked me back. We have  known each other’s feelings for quite a long time but stayed friends. Long story short, I messed things up and we ended up . Since then I set her as parameter on whether or not I should pursue a relationship with a girl, which made it even harder to even get a reason to hit on a girl. Long time passes and here I am, completely apathetic about things regarding relationship.

If things went out differently and I didn’t mess up my relationship with that girl who liked me, probably I would end up with her as my girlfriend at the very least. If things don’t last long with her, well maybe that would make me wanting to have another girlfriend since I at least will know what does it feel to have a girlfriend. Perhaps I would change my perspective that think dating is troublesome and not worth it. Who knows?

I think these three scenario are the closest possibility to happen in my life. Like what I have said, the possibility is infinite but if there’s such thing like parallel worlds, these might be what’s closest to this world. I have to say that I don’t have regrets for not having a life like what I mentioned here though. I might not major in arts but I still can do my hobby anytime I like. I’m also learning bits of Japanese, a language I really want to master. And as hard as it’s to believe, I’m living a happy single life, I enjoy my life with a lot of amazing people around me and without being desperate for girlfriends, even if I might think about having it few times. It’s okay to imagine a different life than what you have known, but your life now is what’s important and able to be changed. Keep on being grateful, while striving for being better. Thanks for reading!


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