A Little Reunion in Bandung

Two days ago I made a trip to Bandung to meet up with my junior high school friends, Yosua, Ririn and Olivia. We went to see a choir concert Ririn took part in as alto singer there. Four of us used to hang out a lot in the past and this is actually the first time after 4 years, the time we graduated junior high school, that all four of us reunited. Four of us have been separated in different schools since Junior High School, me and Yosua were in Serang at high school, Ririn was in Serpong and Olivia was in Bandung. Now in university me and Olivia were in Bogor, Yosua in Jakarta and Ririn in Bandung. It’s just hard to gather all of us, especially since all of us have our own busy life to have.

It’s really funny when I think back on how we first gathered just because we all loved a same anime and decided to watch it together at Yosua’s house. After that we sort of hanging out pretty often to do whatever we can do that time. Three of them are precious friends that I’m really comfortable to be with. I was really happy that by the time we met there’s barely any awkwardness at all. Things have changed much since we are in Junior High School, but not our friendship. We still bicker at each other, laughing loudly and I’m still able to be casually point out how weird I am and they also could casually bully me. I’d never say this to their face but I actually worried how this meeting turned out. I have met Olivia and Yosua a lot but I actually haven’t been in touch with Ririn for years. We used to be close but will a brief meeting make up for years without barely anything? What if  the meeting turned up to be awkward? Thankfully, I was worrying for nothing, the reunion turned up fine like what I’ve told you and I’m really, really grateful for this (again, something I won’t say to them directly).

Anyway, the concert turned out really great! It was ITB student choir which will be going to Slovakia for an international choir competition or something so yeah, it was a high quality show they showed back then. I have never seen a choir concert before and I was amazed by their performance, especially when they sang traditional songs. I wish the best for ITB choir team in their competition and I hope they can do their best there.

I actually had to skip a training for NUDC in order to watch the concert and I feel guilty for doing so. But I would feel a deeper guilt and regret if I passed the chance to meet up with my friends and saw my friend doing her best on stage. Maybe after this we would be busy with our own life and didn’t keep in touch much but it will be great if we can hold a little reunion like this whenever we are available. It was a great bond we have in this friendship and whatever changes happen in my life, I wish to keep this friendship as strong as now.

Sorry for the cheesy post.



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