Pancasila and Why It is Not A Valid Reason to Ban A Pro-LGBT Book

This past week in Indonesia  books titled “Why : Puberty” and “A Wondering Boy” have been a subject of discussion among Indonesian people. That book has been withdrawn from release as objection arise from a legislative member Fahira Idris because it contains what she called “LGBT propaganda”. There are many reasons why she believed withdrawal of those books are needed, but something sounds wrong when she said that this book has to be banned as it’s against Indonesia’s Pancasila ideology.

Indonesia has Pancasila, a national ideology which contains 5 silas. In this case, the point which became a basis to reject said book is the first sila “Ketuhanan Yang Maha Esa” which basically means Indonesia governs by religious value in them. However, the teaching to reject LGBT is not something that every religion in Indonesia believes, take Buddhism for example, this religion’s stance has been neither accepting nor rejecting LGBT but acknowledge it. India also said that “Hinduism doesn’t condemn LGBT” as their justification to legalize homosexuality there. Catholic church, which has a holy book condemning LGBT also now has a Pope Francis who is more tolerant to LGBT. The question remains in my head in Mrs. Fahira reason to ban these books, when you said it violates Indonesia’s ideology, does it mean YOUR RELIGION’s ideology or this country’s ideology?

Furthermore, it should be noted that this sila has values which also said to not enforce religion or belief to other people and that religion or belief is something personal. I believe banning a book which teaches tolerance to LGBT people and educate them about sexual orientation based on one religion is forcing your religion value to other people. It also violates the value which said that belief is something personal so to condemn or not to condemn should be something every person has to decide on themselves. Banning something based on your own personal religious value is not something you could justify by our ideology, Pancasila.

It honestly angers me when Mrs. Fahira stated that she’s not anti LGBT but rejects LGBT propaganda. What she did has just strengthened the negative stigma to LGBT community! She said she acknowledge the existence of LGBT but stopping a media which supports the existence of LGBT. This is simply passive aggressive and harming the LGBT community, same with how Russia acknowledge existence of LGBT but teaching minors that non-traditional relationship is wrong. It’s getting more disgusting when she stated that LGBT community has to tolerate others by not spreading LGBT propaganda. Does she even know what tolerance is? Tolerance is when you put up a permissive attitude to those whose opinion differs with you. Her action towards opinions which believe being homosexual is okay is banning them, where’s the tolerance here?

Not accepting one’s idea is always okay but for me it’s wrong to ban something just because it’s different with your perspective. If you reject a value than it’s okay, reject it within a community which rejects it as well but you don’t need to stop the access of it to others. Or else don’t complain when people label you as fascist.


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