Relentlessness is the Key

Some days ago, me and other fellow debaters at IPB Debating Community are discussing about how to make members of IDC stays longer. You see, there’s a pattern in IDC where the new members naturally disappear one by one as time goes by. Some of us called this natural selection where it makes only the one most serious about debating stayed. However, just because it’s natural doesn’t mean it should stay like this. Human resource is something that we need and we couldn’t neglect the potential that could be drawn from those IDC members who left the club. Something certainly must be done to change this condition.

Before we got the solution on this problem, I think it’s appropriate to question beforehand, what’s actually the difference between people who stay and people who don’t? I believe the anwer is relentlessness of the members. My senior Esa said that it’s about pursuing results we desire, if IDC get them to have achievements than yes they will stay. But to achieve such result people will need a long time and hard work, there will be failure and frustration which will discourage people from continuing. Sometimes it will be as bad as having no direction to go to improve, unsatisfying results even after months of intensive training, or even worse. That’s why to combat those situations relentlessness is needed, it doesn’t matter how many times you fall as long as you continue on raising back and go forward. If Prio gave up in the past when he got zero vp in a competition, we won’t see the neatest and structurized third speaker in IDC. Yos and Adhi wouldn’t be able to be model senior debater in IDC if the lack of debating experience in high school discourage them. Those people I mentioned are the example of debater succeeding for their relentless attitude.

I believe one of the key for having better debaters, which also human resources of IDC, is to encourage this relentless attitude inside new members. Those who show hard work should be rewarded appropriately and the chances to do so should be opened. They have to be made to realize the rewards awaiting them if they continue on trying. Pragmatically speaking, I think people would likely to allocate their time to training and tiring brain storming, instead of doing homework or taking part in other stuffs if they know it’ll worth it in the end. My friend Haris came out with a good solution of taking videos of members debating so we can monitor members’ progress closely so we can give feedback on what members did right or not. I know it’s so frustrating to see ourselves not being able to progress, it’s going to be really encouraging if we can see ourselves improving even a little bit. The idea of more tangible improvement can be the difference to what makes new members continue or not.

Improving human resource management of IDC is not a simple task. There are other factors playing in here and this will need combined effort from whole community if we are serious on making improvement. I believe that relentlessness is one of the key though. That’s the factor which I believe always there in the best debaters and should be instilled for new members. We have many relentless members in IDC, who seek the improvement of this community as a whole and would be a great model on why putting up your best effort always worth it. I also would be one who should do this as I’d be senior soon, there will be more responsibility for me when juniors come and I honestly excited about this. I’ll be waiting for the new members with anything we can come up with to make them improve better, hopefully by then we can come up with all the keys needed for them.



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