NUDC at Universitas Batam

Last August 19th, I got the pleasure of joining national level of National Debating Community at Univesitas Batam. This competition is particularly important since it’s technically biggest debating competition in Indonesia and I got a lot of expectation for this competition since I got some good momentum in Kopertis 3 NUDC selection. I was also excited for this competition since this is the first time I flew for a debate competition and I haven’t gone to Batam before. Fortunately though, in terms of excitement, this competition definitely exceed my expectation.

The first time I landed in Batam, I was not in a really good condition. My plane landed at 8 a.m and I got to go to airport from Bogor at 3 a.m. I hasn’t slept at all that day and I desperately wanted to sleep because I had to do initial test as adjudicator at 1 p.m. I tries lying on floor to sleep but to no avail, my brain couldn’t just shut down for any hour. Hopeless to get any rest, I chugged down a bottle of coffee in order to at least make me awake during exhibition debate. I didn’t think I did my best back then, my mind was kind of messy when I jotted down answer to the test and yeah, the result was not that good either. On the positive side, I realized how important to have some sort of preparation for initial test. No one should do this test without any sort of preparation and it has been so long since we do nothing to prepare N1 adjudicators for those tests. Now I’m asking adjudication core for questions and answers for this competition’s initial test so we can prepare our future N1 adjudicators better. Hopefully this request will be accepted

Fortunately, my result was good enough so I can be a panel adjudicator from round 1 until the last. Throughout the preliminary rounds I got a chance to see many interesting debates and paneling with notable adjudicators from Indonesia. I got to panel with national champion debater, world champion debater, most experienced adjudicator in Indonesia, and I got to learn a lot from the way they analyze debate and delivering oral adjudication. The most interesting debate I adjudicate at this competition must be the 3rd preliminary round where we see Universitas Jember, Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta, Institut Teknologi Bandung, and Universitas Gajah Mada. To decide that debate, me, fellow panel from Universitas Paramadina, Retno, and our chair, Satrio needed to confer for more than an hour! That was a tight debate because every team got a reason to be placed first in this debate. That was such a lesson to see closely how a good adjudicator analyze a debate. That round became a talk of the day since it’s practically delay other participants to go back on the hotel lol. That was like the best debate I have adjudicated so far and I don’t know what kind of debate will top that.

Adjudicating good debates is great but the best thing I got in this competition is friends. I was lucky to befriend two fellow N1 adjudicators, Wieda from Binus and Johanna from UPH. It was Wieda who talk with us first and introduced me to Johanna, in the end I sort of ending up using majority of my time with them. Playing cards, discussing about how to be adjudicator, going along with whatever weird things Wieda suggested, it was cool to spend time with them. It’s also the first time I got new friend from debate competition since I was socially awkward to strangers and hey, this feels so great. I usually do bad in maintaining a friendship but I hope I can maintain a good one with them. I’m gonna look forward for meeting these guys in another debate competition a lot (and luckily it could be as soon as first week of September)!

Honestly, the whole competition was enjoyable but I was not satisfied with my result. I made it to breaking adjudicators at 40th rank and be a panel on octo finalI but I knew I could do better. I can’t keep thinking what if I didn’t get nervous at first round and was at my top condition at initial test. I also regret for not preparing as good as we used to do it. There’s some condition which prevent us to train effectively but still we should did better than that. But what’s passed is passed, regrets are as good as useless for our improvement. For now, we should train as best as possible so we can use the most of our time to welcome September. In September IDC will join at least 3 competitions that month. Personally, my next competition will be Indonesia Debate Open where I’ll be an independent adjudicator there, can’t wait to break legs there!


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