Why Blog?

The moment I started this blog a year ago, I was thinking to make something that would be able to build my identity. It’s like something I can show to people I just met for them to know me, something I can put in my business card for my future employer to see. That’s why in my earlier time in blogging, I mostly talk about things I did professionally, my competences, my academic activity, they are basically stuffs that would make me looks good. In a way I wanted this blog to build my identity as a brand.

But as time goes by, it changes. This blog becomes a place where I experimented on creating a lot of things. I ever did some food blogging (which is a fail because taking a photo of my foods is really embarrassing for me), movie reviews, book reviews (the new one will come soon!), my views on a lot of things, this blog became a sort of my place where I just make anything I want to make. And it’s fun, definitely better than what I wrote when I’m always calculating about what my employer or my future networks think about it.

So why am I blogging?

I’m blogging to fulfill this urge to create something worth sharing inside of me. I love it when what I wrote got responses from people who read it and even more when I know it’s good because I put on my best effort to make it. Of course, these two are not necessarily achieved yet, there’s barely anyone reading my blog and I still am not satisfied with the quality of my blog content now. However I find even the process of learning, the thrill when I’m tracking how many people read my post in my stats, and the time I spent to craft my posts, to be really enjoyable. Ultimately, I think for now mostly the reason why I blog is just because I like the activity of blogging itself. Posting something, having people see my blog, getting comments, commenting on other’s post, I love them all!

Recently though, things just got better. I started to try reading more blogs and I found many posts that I really, really like from a really beautiful post about space exploration and cosmos, a post about how better style of writing might have been there somewhere but we don’t realize it, or this blog that’s filled with many simple game-inspired-food recipes. My recent post using my mother language for the first time, Bahasa Indonesia, to express my particular discontent about a policy my country made was received quite well by readers. I also signed up for Blogging 101 course by WordPress which seems super fun (this post is the first assignment actually). Blogging just got more fun.

The reason why I blog might change over time. Who knows, maybe I could serve a larger purpose than entertaining myself someday. Maybe I could blog for the sake of noble causes like charity or some movement, maybe I could even make blogging my occupation, the possibilities are endless. But for now, the main reason why I blog is because blogging is fun, plain and simple. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Why Blog?

    1. True, I don’t know what this blog would turn out to and that’s one of most exciting part in blogging for me lol

      Sometimes I can’t help but wanting my blog to have a focus like others though, it looks cool to have things figured out, like they know what kind of blog they want to make and have started to build their blog accordingly to achieve that goal.

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