Welcome, New Members of IDC!

So two days ago we finally welcomed the newest members of IPB Debating Community in First Gathering of IDC  Batch 2015/2016. This was my third time taking part in IDC First Gathering for new members and my second time welcoming new juniors of mine. This year we recruited 69 potential members after careful selection process of more than 200 candidates, the highest in the history of IDC. Thanks to the work of IDC Open Recruitment Committee though, the selection process went without any major problem and I really hope the selection process we did was good enough to not miss any bright potential that has registered as candidate. Really, if our resources allow it, I would prefer to welcome all people who are interested in learning about debating as our members but unfortunately we don’t have enough to facilitate optimal training for all of them, thus this selection is needed.

The team I would coach for our upcoming internal newbie debate tournament

Having new juniors is really exciting. I’m all giddy imagining how interesting it is to prepare for their first competition, to develop their debating skills and watch as they grow into a better debater. I cant wait to discover potential members and got to know many interesting characters we got this year. Will there be some people interested in discussing about anime and japanese idols this year? I hope some of them will be interested in discussing interesting books with me, or joining our most-often-than-not-crazy social activity. I just can’t wait to get to know all of them!

Last year I have known how it feels to have juniors and how challenging to create an environment where those new members can learn optimally. One of our biggest challenge would be seeking a way to make them develop optimally but with them having a debating-life balance so we won’t see any case of burnout like what we had before (yes, here in our debating community work-life balance is also an important issue), and to make an environment where debaters can develop themselves comfortably on their own pace. In my first and second year I have seen new members deterred to come for training because she felt she won’t be able to be as good as her peers. I think as a debating community it’s in our interest to not make an environment where only those with better starting point are able to grow. Those who have got his first debating experience in varsity might not look as good as former high school debaters but some of them might be a splendid debater in the future if only we give them time to learn and develop. As the head of training and development of IDC, I wish I could do a better job than what I did last year to fulfill their wish to learn more about debating in IPB Debating Community.

For new members of IDC, I hope you enjoy this family and get the most of it. Some of us might be a little bit weird, our sense of humor could be really freakish you think we should seek professional help, but deep down we are truly just a bunch of debating nerds who would love to welcome you as a new part of our family. IDC is a great place to learn and a facilitator for hard workers to achieve many great things so I hope you enjoy your time here.

Welcome, new members of IDC!


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