We Proudly Present You, IDC Newsletter!

There are times when good idea will not be realized simply because we have no resource nor time to realize it. I think everyone has at least one right? An idea that made us say “Ah, it will be great if we can turn it into reality” while we are daydreaming in the middle of our mundane routine of life. It could be a business idea, a side project, a book, a concept of organization, a game, or anything. However, the constraint is just too much, we don’t have time because we have to juggle time for classes, work, social life, children, relationships, and other things we can’t just leave that there’s no time for our idea. Or maybe the problem is resource, we have an idea for a business but we don’t have the money to pay the start-up cost, we have an idea for a book but we have no expertise to construct words into an engaging plot that we want. In the end, most of those ideas stay as ideas.

In IPB Debating Community we have lots of those. Exchanging ideas about how to improve IDC is one of our favorite topics when we hang out after all. But like what I said, we also face big barrier to turn that idea into reality. We have too few members, we have more important priorities, and those ideas stay as ideas, forgotten amidst our never-ending journey to make sure we can improve ourselves as debater while maintaining a decent GPA.

One of those ideas is a newsletter for our organization. Originally, it was intended to be used as a learning material, so we will have staffs summing up recent world news into digestible bits that made it easier to be understood by our members. The idea was scrapped because we thought focusing on a more effective regular training is going to be more efficient, less consuming, and more measurable. The idea is actually a good one, by making a newsletter, the writer will also have to analyze an issue and write about it, which will effectively train the writer to learn and construct arguments. Furthermore, it could be a way for IDC to brand itself and let this organization be known to a wider audience. The only way to find out its real potential was to try it out and we couldn’t do it, at least until now.

One of the articles I made for IDC Newsletter #1

Actually, yesterday IDC just released its very first issue of IDC newsletter! In that first issue we have various articles from debating tips, reports from recent IDC activities, and feature and analysis articles about recent world issue. What changes exactly that we finally manage to make it? I’d say nothing much, we still got the same number of people and same tight financial budget. The difference however, lies in the willingness from the members inside our community to create this newsletter. My pal, Anwari and his enormous talents contribute a lot to the realization of this newsletter. He is our magazine designer, editor in chief, our most contributive writer, head of publication, he’s hands down our MVP for our IDC Newsletter. His big contribution was what pushed others to do their own share of work. I mean, when Rio asked me to write some articles for feature and analysis column after showing me the finished design for IDC Newsletter cover and some pages of articles he has made, it’s just really hard to turn it down because I know we are really close into making this newsletter a reality. So naturally I said yes, give my best to make two articles, and together with other contributors, we made IDC Newsletter. Finally, our idea doesn’t merely stay as idea only.

And you know what? You can read the culmination of our hard work here for free! Just visit this link here http://bit.ly/idcn1-1 and you’d be directed to a dropbox link where you can view or download our newsletter. In that edition, you’d have articles about structure of arguments, basics of rebuttals, why manners matters, and how to do case building effectively in 3Ms column. We also have reports about our recent activities like the results of Politik Ceria Debate Competition, National University Debating Championship, Indonesia MUN, as well as our Open Recruitment for new members. I was also given a pleasure to contribute to feature and analysis column. I write about Russia’s involvement in Syria and how empathy impacts our judgment. We aim to make this newsletter to be enjoyable to read for everyone, IDC members or not. That’s why; we’d really appreciate if you can give this newsletter a read and perhaps give some feedback to us so we can make this newsletter better.

Anwari “Rio” Sugiharto, The IDC Newsletter MVP

It feels great to finally do something you previously thought impossible to do. It shows to us that if we put enough willpower and effort, we are actually able to do a lot of things. Hopefully we in IDC can use this momentum to create an even better work in the second issue of IDC Newsletter!


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