Because Writing is Beautiful

Invention of writing is arguably one of the best inventions ever happened in human civilization. As a tool for communication, it allows us to preserve messages and spread it to the mass, even those who live in a faraway places. Before writing exists, such preservation of messages was done by oral, which was far from perfect and very susceptible to mistakes that skews the message itself. By preserving messages, we can also preserve the idea behind that messages, and some of those ideas are what advance the civilization into a whole different level. Without a mean to preserve idea, we won’t know that in India, a man named Siddharta Gautama has found a way to escape dissatisfaction and suffering (dhukka) in life, we won’t know that a guy named Plato, with the foundation laid by his teacher Socrates, has made a distinguished work on what an ideal state is. Writing is a driving force behind the advancement of civilization.

Of course writing is not just for engineering such massive change in civilization like what Karl Marx and Adam Smith did, it can also impact people in a more personal level. A good novel might not create a movement or something like that, but it can be what brighten people’s life and take them out from sadness. A blog post about your personal struggle might be what people need to escape from their own similar struggle. I once read a blog post about the fear a mother feels when her transgender daughter is going to start going to school and that resonated with me on a really deep level. It was what ultimately made me realize how important it is to fight for transgender acceptance in our society, we don’t want to create a society where someone has to choose between preserving a part of identity that’s important to them or being accepted and live a normal life. In a sense, by shaping my thought into what it is now, that writing just became a part of myself and would influence my choices in life in the future.

And that is really beautiful.

Imagine it, a fruition of someone’s thinking is now a part of other’s life. The writer’s work is going to be a part of many decisions the readers will have in their life, it might be a push for someone to confess their love, to join a movement, to change their career, to apologize for the mistakes they made long ago to their parents or friends. It was a really amazing thing right? There’s this connection the writer has with their readers because of writing, and it was something that could be strong enough to alter the course of someone’s life. By writing we can be someone’s friend, teacher, motivator, anything really. I don’t know if I make any sense here, but I think being able to touch people’s life like that is such a beautiful thing for me.

Writing can also be really impactful for the writer. Writing is a discovery of what’s in our mind. More often than not, we are not aware of what kind of thoughts our mind produces. The majority of them are just fleeting thoughts that will be forgotten and that’s such a waste right? That’s what’s good about writing, writing allows us to catch that fleeting thoughts into a coherent idea, examine it, and improve it. In my blog, you can see any sort of analysis about many issues we are facing right now in life. I have written about Russia’s involvement in Syria, new policies in Indonesia like alcoholic beverages ban in minimarket, the ugly side of presidential campaign in Indonesia, our forgotten privileges, and many more. When I wrote them, I always had to look for new information about the topic I’m writing because turns out my idea has not been supported with necessary facts to make it into a decent piece of writing. There are also instances when I changed my mind about certain topics because of the research I did. Writing made us examine the idea we have which in the end made us able to see the worth of said idea with its flaws and imperfection. For writers, writing is an activity that hones their mind to produce better ideas to be shared to people.

Writing allows us to be a better self that can impact others and discover ideas within ourselves. And that’s a good enough reason to write for me.


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