The Fascination of Transit Station

Transit station is a place that could invoke many feelings. This is a place where we are not able to continue your travel despite the fact that you haven’t arrived to your destination. How does it feel like to be in one? Is it excitement with a hint of impatient we are going to feel because we have to wait before continuing our travel? Our destination might be someplace we look forward to see, a home we haven’t come to for a long time with people we look forward to meet, a new place we are excited to see, a place for a long holiday that’s long overdue. Likewise, it’s also possible that it’s a melancholy we are feeling in that transit station. It’s sad to leave our home we have lived for years, all of our friends are there, the memories we have made, our favorite place to hang out, all of them are not going to be there in our new place. The fondness and attachment we felt for a place turn into sadness when we have to leave it. For some however, it might not be a big deal, travelling is a part of their life and waiting for some hours in that transit area is just business as usual for them. There’s no strong feeling invoked while they are waiting for a train that will take them to one of their destinations that week.

This is what makes transit station so fascinating. Here is the place where people with different sorts of background, different sorts of feelings and destinations gather. They all are in the middle of journey, some will change their life, some has made journey itself part of their life. How many stories are there inside those people who are waiting for their train in transit station? There could be a mother who’s going to meet a child she hasn’t seen for months, a lover who would propose after years of long distance relationship, a student who’s leaving home for higher education, and many more.

In the end, there’s only a few places that could gather people with stories as diverse as a transit station, it made that place special. Now that I thought about it, waiting for my train to take me to my destination from transit station is not such a bad thing after all.


One thought on “The Fascination of Transit Station

  1. This image reminds me of the beginning and ending scenes of “Love Actually.” It’s easy to get lost in all the stuff at busy places, like a train station or airport… but one must remember, love really is all around.

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