A Midnight Coffee Date

So guys, today writing101 got us an assignment where we write a post with a form of a virtual coffee date. It’s a cool concept but to be honest it feels weird to say I have a virtual date when in reality I haven’t had any coffee date with anyone HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…okay enough that’s sad. So in this post what I’ll do is basically write about stuffs I’d tell if we were out for a coffee.

If we were having a coffee right now… I’d tell you about how happy I am when I got Best Delegate Award in Binus Model United Nations. Yay! I have been doing debating and MUN for years and to finally win something is really, really awesome. IDC has invested in me a lot and I’ve been anxious to finally give back to this great organization. It was really quite a fight, I tell you. My council was separated into two blocs and I have to struggle against a bigger bloc that can easily pass a resolution by themselves if they get one from our bloc. It was also a challenge since almost all of us (including me) mistook the purpose of the council itself (my bad, but to be fair, United Nation Human Right Council is quite a hard one). I had to really give my all in this conference, staying until 3 or 4 a.m. to read materials and drafting papers, drinking coffee every morning. Well to be honest not getting best delegate award would be fine by me since I have done my best here, I have no regrets. And by now, I must have bored you to death with my details about MUN.

If we were having a coffee right now… I’d tell you that we are going to release IDC Newsletter #2 soon. In the first one i have written two articles in feature and analysis column. This time, I’m planning to write more articles with one of them being in 3M column (an abbreviation of Manner, Matter, Method, a column for debating tips). There are several things in mind, but I definitely want to write about refugee crisis in Europe, how France bombing could change the direction of military campaign against ISIS. And now that we are talking about France bombing…

If we were having a coffee right now… I would tell you that while I haven’t expressed my condolence for Paris bombing in social medias, I’m truly heartbroken for what happened there. I just.. don’t see the point of posting stuffs like that anymore you know? Here while I’m mourning for people in Paris, there are people who are displaced in Syria, struggling to escape their own home country, some might be going with a death boat so they can get to Europe. There are girls kidnapped by Boko Haram, their condition unknown until now. There’s also parents who are still mourning for the recent school shootings in USA. As I’m writing this sentence, there are people in this world might have died from hunger, and they died in a world where food production is in surplus guys, in surplus! Saying that I’m mourning for one tragedy but not for another doesn’t seem right to me. It’s as if I’m putting one tragedy above another, which is not true. So I just stop doing that, it doesn’t change anything and do any good for anyone either.

But yeah, on a happier note, if we were having a coffee right now… I would tell you IPB Debating Community is preparing for an upcoming debate tournament, IVED 2016. Right now, me, Rio, Olivia, and others are handling an internal competition to decide the delegates we are going to send. This is going to be really important for us because IVED is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, tournaments in Indonesia and registering teams there cost quite a fortune. This tournament will not only be a big investment for us but also our way to prove to our university that our community is worthy to be supported.

If we were having a coffee right now… I would say thanks for keeping me a company and sorry for choosing such a depressing topic to talk about. I would say that I hope someday we can talk about stuffs like this again. What are you up to anyway? I have told you so much, don’t you think it should be your turn to tell your stories now? 🙂


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