About me

Hello folks! Thanks for visiting my blog! My name is Charlie Sanjaya, currently living in Indonesia and majoring in Agribusiness Department at Institut Pertanian Bogor. I’m a passionate varsity debater, adjudicator with professional experiences, book lover, huge fan of Japanese culture and proud member of IPB Debating Community. At first, I started this blog mainly as a way for me to build my personal brand, where I show my competence, academic activity, or some of my professional experiences. Things changed though. Now this blog is my sanctuary where I can find the bliss of sharing a piece of my mind to others. I find writing to be a really fun creative activity and showing it to people to be really exhilarating.

In this blog you’d see posts ranging from my activities with IDC members, thoughts about issues I’m feeling strongly about, to some excerpts of my life. I’m also planning to give some material about debating and MUN in the future, I’d be happy if you can check that out when it’s finished. No matter who you are, I hope you enjoy your stay here in my blog. 🙂

Anyway, in case you need to reach me, you can contact me via :

email : charliesanjaya48j@gmail.com

Line : sanjaya.charlie

Facebook : Charlie Sanjaya


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