Written Adjudication

This page will have my written adjudication of debates from IDC training, competitions, or debates in any occasions. It would serve as a training for me and also documentation of the debate so that debaters can see in details in which part they are good and which part that I think is lacking in anything from them. I also hope that this documentation could be helpful to newbie adjudicator seeking example of what adjudication is. Some feedback from you guys would be greatly appreciated so feel free to comment if you find anything wrong in my adjudication or just to give a shout out, anything really.

So without further ado, these are the adjudication I have made into written adjudication so far. It was in pdf anyway, so you can just download it and read it in whatever device you have. Enjoy!

September 2014

THBT We Should Defriend Facebook Friends Who Post Offensive Political View /pdf version

November 2014

That assuming a medicinal method of becoming heterosexual was developed, it should be banned

THBT energy security is a legitimate reason for war

THBT Indonesia Would Be Better OFF Without The Ministry of Religious Affair

THW Force Every Healthy and Fit Women to Breast Feed Their Baby


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